Tony Pereyra
Co-founder, The Spirits In Motion

Throughout his career, Tony has gained expertise in every facet of the beverage industry, delivering innovations in mixology, structured bar programs, strategic partnerships and positive training. His current endeavor, the Los Angeles-based beverage consultancy The Spirits In Motion, co-founded with Phil Wills, specializes in developing top-shelf beverage logistics—from networking with major corporate franchises and national beverage conferences to operating premiere bars, restaurants, and independent QSR’s, both international and national.

Maximizing Guest Frequency Through Bartender Dynamics
Sunday, May 21, 1:00 p.m.
It's critical for bartenders to become your "partners" in increasing guest frequency and spend by creating a positive guest experience. Set yourself up for success and learn the keys to creating an efficient bar that allows you more time to interact with guests.

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